Experience Capturing System

Experience Capturing System

Together with resources in the customer organization an experience capturing system was implemented for a  large Swedish nuclear plant. The purpose was to capture, analyze and monitor experiences on and around the plant. The result from this customer was later duplicated to other nuclear plants.


The requirements were to install a system within the company that all employees and temporary contractors should be able to access to report experiences. An experience is anything within the organization that is not working as specified or as expected. These experiences should be trended and different threshold and decision support should be implemented.


A FRACAS system from PTC was chosen and installed in the customers internal IT environment. The system was connected to customer LDAP server in order for all users to have access. A complex workflow was implemented with different forms for inputting, analyzing and reviewing data. Categorizing every single experience was possible with any combination of the available codes. Filters, reports and calculations were custom made and finally the customer organization was trained.